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JEA Enterprises specializes in thinking & improving.

Don't buy stock, get it custom made with improvements and actually save money.

For over 15 years JEA has served the aerospace industry with custom fastening solutions that exceed the customers expectations with long lasting quality performance. We can make your parts to print, or match a stock item, but that's not what really creates improvement. We make everything better.

We will take your requirements and start with the materials. We are expertes at working with the latest composites that outperform your current parts. Can we save weight? can we exceed spec? Can we improve on fatigue issues?

Then we look at the function of your part. Is it hard to install? Does it function as needed? We often can design a part that actually saves valuable and expensive installation costs. Along with the fact that we reduce the cost of the actual fastener, we create a double win because you pay less for the part and you save labor on the installation.

We aim to make your parts 25% less expensive then they are now.

We pride ourselves on the creative solutions that we provide for our customers. Our knowledge of design and mechanical properties allow us to really understand the issues that you face and allow us to come up with solutions that don't exisit anywhere else. In fact our statement "if you dont see it, we'll make it" is the cornerstone of our business.

JEA serves a broad customer base consisting of commercial and military OEM’s and works closely with Sub tier suppliers, distributors and fabricators to meet the needs of engineers and specifiers in some of the largest and most respected companies in the world.

When it comes to quality and customer service, we are second to none.

Your needs are always our top priority. We strive to meet our customers needs whether it is a custom latch, fastener or new design concept. 

Quarter turns • Screws • Shear Pins • Container Handles • Custom Latches • Injection Molded Bushings • Injection Molded Grommets • BACN self locking nuts • UID's • Nameplates ... and more

Contact us today to see how you can solve your requirements, on time, on budget and on target.

JEA Enterprises, Inc. • 86 Benson Road • Middlebury, Connecticut 06762